Moving to WordPress

As the 2012-2013 academic year begins, I’m moving my personal web site to  (The annoyance of using a slow content management system for editing my text has been outweighed by the inevitable breaking of my fragile hand-coded PHP every time my site gets moved to a new server environment behind the scenes at UW-Madison.)  Having my occasional musings front and center on my site will be a new thing, and quite honestly I haven’t decided if I like it yet.  But I have decided to follow John Gruber‘s model of generally not allowing comments on my site; that part of the discursive ecosystem of the web is just too angry and juvenile for me to waste my time with it at this point in my life.  (I may open up comments on selected posts of substance, however.)  Thanks for visiting and exploring my work.

P.S. As this site is hosted by an outside service, and not my employer, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I reserve the right to say stupid and/or fervently-believed things that might not necessarily be echoed or endorsed by the UW-Madison administration, the Wisconsin Governor’s office, the political party of your choice, my own past advisers and teachers, Rabbit’s friends-and-relations, or any of my many stalwart fellow student, faculty, and staff colleagues.  You have been warned.