Out with the old, in with the new

After holding out for over a decade, my old “Wall Street Journal” campus ID has been retired.  I’m going to miss the black-and-white stippled pseudo-“hedcut” photograph; makes me seem much cooler than I am.  I got this photo taken as a brand-new assistant professor at UW-Madison in 2001.  (Hackers: Don’t bother trying to read the low-resolution bar code to steal my identity.  I altered it.)


Why fix it if it ain’t broke?  I needed an up-to-date ID to get me into a particular high-security campus building.  So here is my new super Wiscard which can be used for everything from cash transactions to building access.  (I predict I will have demagnetized it within the month.)  Strangely, I look pretty much the same, except for that touch of grey.  (Hackers: Do not try to make a full-head latex mask to fool the biometric scanners into thinking you are me.)


Call me a retro-grouch, but I like the old design better.  Stay tuned for my next ID photo in 2024, where I will sport genetically-grafted pronghorns and long, luscious tiger fur.

Bonus points: My graduate student ID from 1995.  (Same dazed look.)