A new job where I will be wearing more ties

So, invisible blog audience, I have some news.  As UW-Madison College of Letters and Science Dean John Karl Scholz emailed out today,

I am pleased to announce that Greg Downey, Evjue-Bascom Professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC) and the School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS), has been appointed the new Associate Dean for the Social Sciences in the College of Letters & Science beginning May 26.

I’m humbled and delighted to have been chosen by Karl for this job, and I look forward to learning more about all of the departments and units that will soon be under my stewardship as an Associate Dean.  For the next two months I’ll be working closely with our current Associate Dean for Social Sciences, Maria Cancian, to make my transition into South Hall a smooth one.  (For those of you who don’t know her, Maria is the official dictionary definition of “a hard act to follow” in this role, but I will do my best.)

I wouldn’t have been a candidate for this job without the five years of intensive administrative and leadership training that my fellow faculty, staff, and students in the School of Journalism & Mass Communication have so graciously (if perhaps unknowingly) provided for me during my time as SJMC Director.  And I am relieved that even as Associate Dean, I will continue to be able to teach my undergraduate course on The Information Society with my fellow faculty, staff, and students in the School of Library & Information Studies.

Downey G - cowboyThis summer, if you’re the chair or director of an L&S social sciences unit, please expect that I’ll come calling with some coffee for a nice long conversation about how we can best work together to support your research, teaching, and service mission.  For everyone else, don’t be shocked if you see me bicycling past you toward South Hall wearing a tie and jacket.  (But probably not the cowboy hat.)