Communicating with me in cyberspace

Email me with professional questions at unless you are a spambot.  Email me with personal questions at my personal email, which I will have given to you if I care to have you use it, or if you ask.  My current email turnaround promise is 48 hours; if you have an urgent issue and you have not heard back from me in that period, go ahead and mail it again.

Phone me with professional questions at 608-695-4310, but I warn you, it’s a cell phone and it almost invariably goes to voice mail because I don’t like to interrupt personal conversations for phone-answering, and I’m usually talking with someone, sometime, about something.  Do not phone me with personal questions because if I gave you my personal number, then you know I would rather have such conversations face-to-face than on the phone.

Yes, I’m on facebook and LinkedIn and Google+ and Twitter, but that’s kind of like saying I’m in the phone book.  You can try to “friend” me if you like, but I might be grumpy that day and ignore you.  (Don’t take it personally.)  If you Google “Greg Downey” within a 100-mile radius of Madison, WI, you’ll probably find me; don’t mistake me for the British trance music DJ who has stolen my good name.  Or if you are a Tweetling then you can follow my sporadic Twitter stream.  (For some reason, over 500 people are “following” me.  I keep looking behind me, but I never see them.)

Communicating with me in print

I love mail!  (Unless it is junk mail, or conspiracy theories.)  Send nice letters and things to me at my SLIS departmental address:

Greg Downey
c/o School of Library & Information Studies
4217 Helen C. White Hall
600 N. Park Street

Madison, WI 53706

Communicating with me in person

I generally arrive on campus by 7:30am and leave around 5:30pm.  Colleagues may find me hard at work on my service obligation as an Associate Dean in 301 South Hall (in the College of Letters & Science).  Students may find me for LIS 201 office hours in 4228 Helen C. White Hall (in the School of Library & Information Studies).  And if I’m in 5016 Vilas Hall (in the School of Journalism & Mass Communication) it means I’m trying to hide and write, so stay away.  Either way, follow the sound of loud music and the smell of dark coffee and you can’t go wrong (equally likely these days: The Jam, Best Coast, M. Ward, Neko Case, Old 97’s, or the Electric Light Orchestra).

Sightings in the wild

Other places that I like to hide include the Wisconsin Historical Society reading room, the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery Town Center, the Fair Trade Coffee House, the Union Terrace or Union South.  (You will know if I’m in a particular building if you see my gaudy bicycle parked outside.)  Please feel free to interrupt me; procrastination is the spice of life.