My service contributes both to the daily governance of my university, and to the long-term welfare of my state.  I have served on College of Letters and Science committees considering teaching, advising, and technology.  I have mentored undergraduates through independent study, senior thesis, service-learning, and internship projects.  I have taken time to travel the state and have spoken to small-town librarians, high-school journalism teachers and state legislators about media technology both new and old.  And I attempt to maintain a forum in cyberspace where I can discuss my work in a less formal way with interested readers on this weblog.

My leadership experience involves both teaching and research centers, at both the department and the college level.  I was the first Faculty Director of the MIU-funded Internship in the Liberal Arts & Sciences project in the College of Letters & Science, and I am now the first Faculty Director of the Inter-LS 210 “Taking Initiative” career course sponsored by the L&S Career Initiative.  I am proud to be a past Director of the Center for the History of Print & Digital Culture in the School of Library and Information Studies.  And for five years I served as the eleventh Director (or department chair) of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, where my adventures were much like those of the eleventh Dr. Who.

The Associate Dean is “in”.  I am currently serving as the Associate Dean for Social Sciences in the College of Letters and Science.  This role is not only the pinnacle of my academic career to date, but also the hardest job I have ever tried to do (outside of being a parent).  I am grateful to Dean Karl Scholz for appointing me into this role, and humbled by the amazing work that our students and alumni do with their education and training from our College.  Feel free to come by the 3rd floor of South Hall and say “hi” sometime.

cv imageFor a complete listing of my  governance and service accomplishments, please see my cv.