In my research, teaching, and service work for UW-Madison I attempt to reduce my consumption of energy, water, and materials — reducing my production of atmospheric carbon, landfill waste, and toxic pollution — in several ways:

  • choosing a digital computing platform that meets the highest industry standards for energy efficiency, recyclable materials, and minimization of toxins;
  • using digital technologies to reduce my consumption and circulation of physical paper (memos, handouts, scholarly articles) whenever possible;
  • using digital technologies to engage students in “hybrid” course activities (which merge traditional face-to-face instruction with innovative online collaboration) whenever practicable;
  • using digital technologies to substitute for physical travel (such as to distant archives or academic conferences) whenever feasible; and
  • bicycling to and from campus, all year round (did you know Wisconsin has a signficant and productive bicycle economy?).

new bicycle

I also attempt to weave serious discussion of sustainability issues into classes where such topics have traditionally been absent, especially my undergraduate course LIS 201 The Information Society.